Cover Reveal! The Risk of Happiness: The Punk Rocker

I am so excited! Today is the cover reveal for:

The Risk of Happiness:

The Punk Rocker

(Book 3 in The New York Artists Series)

I love it! I hope you do, too!

The Risk of Happiness: The Punk Rocker (Book 3 in The New York Artists Series) is available on January 21, 2019 – but you can pre-order at Barnes and Noble and The Wild Rose Press today!

B & N

The Wild Rose Press

Also! You can add The Risk of Happiness: The Punk Rocker to your “Want to Read” on Goodreads now!



Bad boy punk rock star Reale Lynxx never expected to see his ex-girlfriend, Amanda Simmons, again. And after she’d stomped on his heart and walked out on him six years ago, he’s not so sure he wants to. Certainly Reale never imagined he would rescue Amanda and her son, Johnny, from drowning. But all it takes is one evening with her and Reale is ready to leave the past behind and try again.

Amanda never meant to hurt Reale and happily jumps heart-first into rebuilding their relationship. But when she confesses she left him to secretly raise their son, Reale grows livid, fighting her and gaining custody of Johnny…

When Reale realizes he was wrong for taking Johnny away, he tries to win Amanda back. But can she forgive the man who took her son? And can she ever trust Reale again, no matter how much she loves him?

If you love artists and NYC like I do, why not check out books 1 & 2 in the series?! (All standalone novels)

Book 1 in The New York Artists Series

Summer of Irreverence: The Rock Star

Straight-laced, veterinary surgeon, Summer Wynters is ready to break the rules. And who better to break them with than the most irreverent of all men, mega rock star Malcolm Angel? With one last summer free from work obligations, Summer moves to New York City, and at the coaxing of her friend, pretends to be a model so she can spend one wild night with Malcolm.

Rock star, Malcolm Angel, tortured by a dark past, may be the poet laureate of romance, but he, like science-minded Summer, has never believed in romantic love. How could he? With his history, he doesn’t deserve to be loved.

When Summer’s honesty, kindness, and exuberance for life changes his perspective, the two discover they are in deeper than either dreamed possible. But when Malcolm discovers Summer’s been perpetuating a lie, will he forgive her? Even if forgiveness is possible, can a man immune to love teach someone else to believe in it?


B & N


Book 2 in The New York Artists Series

To Be or Not To Be: The Actors

Jenna Joyce has the opportunity of a lifetime: to play Ophelia in an off-Broadway production of Hamlet starring the hot daytime drama bad boy, Trevor Hughes. She desperately needs this job to save her family and herself. The problem is Jenna can’t stand Trevor.

Trevor Hughes is tired of his villainous Caspian Locke character and flashy soap opera life. He’d love to give it all up and go back to his gritty acting roots, but he can’t, his sister and nephew rely on him to pay their exorbitant medical bills.

When Trevor and Jenna manage to build an offstage relationship, the futures of their families as well as themselves are threatened and Jenna panics. But even if Trevor can overcome his challenges, can he free Jenna from hers? And will he ever be able to prove to her that, despite all obstacles, their love is meant to be?


B & N


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I am thankful for all the important things in life: family, friends, health, home.

But there are lots of other–much less important–things I’m grateful for as well. Things that just, well, make me happy. These are the little things I am grateful for each and every day.
  1.   Yoga.  Yoga always pulls me out of my funk, and makes me a lot easier to live with! My whole family is grateful for this one.
  2. Caramel Walnut Brownie Luna Bars. I mean, caramel and brownie. And I can eat it for a meal?! Need I say more? (My family is grateful for this one, too. 😉 )
  3. Flexibility. Not the yoga type, just the ability to see things from other perspectives.
  4. Writing. It’s my joy and my career. If yoga doesn’t pull me from my funk, writing will.
  5. My neighborhood. I love the peace of my neighborhood while still having the ability to walk to Starbucks from my house. ❤
  6. Yes, my husband is tops of the serious, “what I’m most grateful for” category, but I’m also grateful for his flexibility and thoughtfulness, especially while I convince him the girls need a puppy. 🙂
  7. Puppies and kittens.
  8. Being a lousy cook. Yup, I’m thankful I don’t know a “roux” from a “rub.” Why? Because it brings my family together to help rescue me in the kitchen. And we have a great time cooking together. 
  9. Tea with honey. Remember the movie, The Shipping News? I believe it was Judi Dench’s character that would always say (I paraphrase), “Tea will get you through it.”
  10. Coffee. Now that I’m caffeine-free it’s different, but it’s the lure of the coffee shop that gets me every time.
  11. Artists. All kinds: painters, sculptors, writers, dancers, singers…
  12. Fast internet connections (and the internet itself).
  13. Love.

And I am always, always, grateful for my friends and readers!

Happy Thanksgiving to those celebrating! And a happy day to all!

What are you grateful for? Big or small! Leave a note and let us know!!

Cheap, Fabulous Facial Cleanser!

Some days you find something that works so well, you want to shout it from the rooftops. So here it is:

Use Coconut Oil when you wash your face!


cocnut oil

Sounds crazy? Not if you have dry skin like I do.

close up photography of brown crocodile

Photo by Bas van Brandwijk

The plan — mix equal parts moisturizing cleanser, like Cetaphil, with coconut oil. (I like the coconut oil best when it’s hardened.)

Apply to dry skin, massage in, and rinse off. You may want to follow up with washing the t-zone area with straight cleanser.

During cold weather, this is my go-to for mornings or after workouts. It’s also great before a hot yoga class–no need for moisturizers that run down your face or sting your eyes.


I know I’m a coconut addict (see my website-– Lol!) but this really works! Goodbye alligator skin!

Give it a try and let me know what you think!

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Happy November!

Welcome November...

November is a creative time.

And this November, I’m thrilled to combine my love of writing with my love of yoga to make NaNoWriMoYo.

NaNoWriMoYo is NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) using yoga to help us survive (and thrive!) in November.

In other words, we’re using yoga to get us through November and beyond!


We begin November 3rd, but you can join us anytime!

NaNoWriMoYo is an online community you can join here:


NaNoWriMoYo  helps writers at any stage of their careers and wherever they are in the writing process. We offer inspiration for all.

Check in daily for inspirational posts, photos and videos, and other info that can help free your creativity!

So whether you’re participating in NaNoWriMo, keeping up with your regular writing schedule, or are new to writing, this is the place for you!


I hope you’ll join us!

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Being Tired…

woman covering face with book on bed

Photo by Lina Kivaka on


My girls asked me, “If you could have any superpower what would it be?”

“To exist without needing sleep.” I didn’t blink an eye.

They looked at me with scrunched up faces, ’cause yeah, that’s kind of a lame superpower compared to flying, or I don’t know, having a fist of iron or something.

But the desire to exist without needing sleep is something many of us long for.

My alarm wakes me every morning by 5 a.m. or, on days when I sleep in, 5:15 a.m. From there, it’s jump out of bed and go–lunches, laundry, dishes, emails, class prep, before I wake the house and drive everyone to school.

My pace continues all day, checking off to-do list after to-do list. Finally, after homework and getting my girls ready for bed, I hit my computer around 9 p.m. to work. Hours later, I fall into bed, wondering why I’m so tired.

I know I’m incredibly lucky. People have crazier schedules than I do, for sure. I have a wonderful family and a great career, but my schedule is exhausting.

And I’ll bet if you’re reading this, you’re exhausted, too. 

So here’s what I realized. Sometimes we can’t change our situations. Sometimes we have commitments beyond our control–young kids, pets, elderly parents, high-pressure jobs, deadlines.

But what we can change is our perspective.

For years I fought against my exhaustion with decaf coffee (too much caffeine gives me migraines) and chocolate, or brisk walks, or even runs. I was depleting myself even more, and not listening to the clues my body was giving me like my brain screaming, “Hey, I’m exhausted!”

Why are we a culture that venerates little or no sleep?


But then I started thinking about what I teach my yoga students:

woman doing yoga pose facing sea

Listen to your body 

Honor what it needs

Don’t judge


That’s what I needed to start doing.

It’s okay to be tired. We’re made to need rest. It’s okay to stop. It’s okay to take a break. It’s okay to say, no.

More than anything:

You count. Your rest is important for you, and for those counting on you.

So next time you turn to your third pot of coffee or energy drink, I invite you instead to consider some downtime. Drop the coffee, lay on the couch, take a nap, and like me, try an earlier bedtime. You’ll be glad you did.

Get to bed, sleepyhead. 😉

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The Right Time…

I took a break from social media this summer. It wasn’t anything I really planned, it just happened. I was tired, wasn’t sure what to post, and I felt I needed an overhaul.

Besides, I was busy. Really, really busy. And that included finishing my 500 hr. yoga teacher training.

So, I decided I would return to social media when the time was right.

black twin bell alarm desk clock on table

Photo by on


When was that, exactly?

white ceramic figurine of angel illustration

Photo by Pixabay on

When my website was updated. Check.

When the next book was in final galley with my publisher. Check, check.

When the book after was completed and ready for edits. Check, check, check.



When horns sounded and angels heralded. Hmmm…. Not so much.


Because…even though I checked all the boxes, nothing was any different than it was the month or two before. No divine presence was screaming, “Post Now!”

Why? Because there is NO “right” time. For anything.

Had I learned nothing in my advanced yoga teacher training?

Here’s the thing. Life just is.  You’re on the path, exactly where you should be right now. Trust it. Because most of the time, there are no grand announcements telling you you’re doing the right thing.


white ceramic mug filled with brown liquid on heart shaped coffee beans

Photo by Jessica Lewis on

But there is a compass—and that’s the heart. If your heart’s telling you to take a break–do it. But I promise your heart’s not telling you to wait for the right time, because there isn’t one.

There’s only now. And now is a pretty grand time to “do.”



Thanks for stopping by! Want to check out my updated website? Click HERE !

I’d love to read your comments about how you’ve stopped waiting for the “right” time!

My Favorite Season…


Fall is my absolute favorite season. 

In fall I feel creative, happy, optimistic, and at peace.

But why are we talking about fall at the beginning of summer? (And truthfully, summer hasn’t even begun yet!) Because it’s hot. Really hot. And I thought maybe you, like me, could use a break.

brown farm gate and green grass field


Sure there are things I love about summer — my girls are home; I love wearing summer dresses; and I adore going to evening outdoor concerts, bringing a picnic and sitting on a blanket on the lawn.


But summer is not my favorite season. Truthfully, between us, if I were to rank seasons, I’m not so sure summer would make my top four. 😉 

I don’t love bugspray or sunblock, and I’m not a water person. I’ll take autumn any day. I love the chilly weather, wearing zip-front sweatshirts, walking through parks bursting with color, apple picking, and the bite of a not-too-cold evening.

In case you’re like me, I thought I’d bring us a much-needed break from the heat.

Take a look at these beautiful photos and think happy–cool–thoughts!

autumn avenue bench fall

body of water near orange and green leaf trees

Fall is also the most romantic of all seasons, isn’t it? Think of snuggling together by a fire pit on a chilly evening… Or wrapping up in a blanket on a tiny balcony looking out at the lights of a big city…

So tell us, what’s your favorite season? And what do you love about it?

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