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Feeling Lucky

As today is St. Patrick’s Day, I was thinking about feeling lucky. There’s a lot of talk about luck today–namely, “The Luck of the Irish.” I’m not Irish, not even a tiny bit, but through the years I’ve considered myself a pretty lucky person nonetheless. 😉

I had heard somewhere that if you consider yourself lucky your luck increases. That a positive attitude begets a positive, happy life. I like to think this is true, that we can think ourselves to a happy life, and we probably can. By being happy and grateful for what we have, we see how fortunate we really are. Sure, I have plenty that bugs me during an average day, but trying to focus on the good really puts it all into perspective.

I close every one of my yoga classes with gratitude–asking my students to think of three things they are grateful for even if they’re not feeling especially happy that day.

I’ve read that Tennessee Williams said, “Luck is believing you’re lucky.” (I may be paraphrasing.) I think he’s right. So for St. Patrick’s Day, I wish you lots of luck, and hope you consider yourself lucky, too.

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