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Already There

Walking the dog in the rain yesterday, I looked down and glimpsed my rain boots sloshing through puddles while the puppy ran ahead, and I had the oddest thought: What if I’m already there? That place I always hoped I’d be? What if we all are?

I had always imagined my life going in a certain way, I think most of us do. But what I saw as the “finish line” –the teaching, the writing, the dog I never expected we’d have—the way I saw my “eventual-ness,” is possibly the way I am now. Whoa. That was an eye-opening moment.

In my yoga classes this week I have been talking about intention without attachment to the outcome. Deepak Chopra gives this lovely quote:

“You don’t give up the intention, and you don’t give up the desire. You give up your attachment to the results.”

Deepak Chopra

But how many of us actually live like this? What if we did? Of course we need goals and a means to live, but how often do we live not in these moments, but in the next? We go to work saying, “When I get the promotion, I’ll be…” or “When I write the next book it will be a bestseller and then…” But that’s attachment to outcome. What if what actually happens is so much better than we imagined? And if it’s not seemingly better, why is it so difficult to remember that things happen exactly as they should, exactly when they should? We are all on the perfect paths of our lives.

We are living exactly as we should be right now.

So I invite each of us to remember we are living for now, and not to attach to outcome. Because what if our “eventual-ness” is already here? 

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