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Happy Thoughts and Funky Socks with April Hollingworth

Today on Nitty Gritty Romance, we are wrapping up our Happiness for the Holidays series with the fabulous April Hollingworth! April shares what makes her happy during the holiday season, AND she shares an excerpt from her novella, BE MINE! YAY!!!! It’s putting me in the mood to start getting ready for Valentine’s Day! 😉

From April:

Happy Thoughts and Funky Socks by April Hollingworth

 Tis the season to be jolly, yet at times that’s not always possible, especially with work and life in general. For me, I wear funky socks. Especially to work. Nothing worse than going in and knowing you’ll probably have a not so great day, but if you check out your crazy socks, it’s not all bad when a smile blooms across your face.

Life is speeding by, faster and faster each year, but it’s the little things that keep us happy.

Most families have certain traditions they do over Christmas, in my family it’s Christmas stockings at the end of the bed, which are from Santa, and the presents under the tree are from those who love you.

img_0010Each person in my family receives a stocking, no matter what our age. A tradition started when I was thirteen. I can still hear the gasp and squeal of delight coming from my Mum when she found her stocking. Her eyes were huge as she rushed from her room to find myself and my eldest sister laughing in delight at her reaction. It’s one of my best memories ever, to be honest.

Strangely enough this was around the time that my love of funky socks came about too. I do believe it was striped socks in my stocking that started my funky socks love. Since then I’ve had Cow-Cow socks (they had cows all over them). Hot pink socks with mugs, toast and fried eggs. Minnie and Mickey Mouse, and lots more. It’s the little things in life that make a difference. A kind action. A smile of friendship or greeting. Wishing someone a wonderful day, and meaning it. For me it’s also my funky socks.

So Seasons Greeting, and wishing you all a wonderful Christmas and New Year. I hope that the end of this year will be cheerful, and the start of the New Year joyful. Look after yourselves and one another.


Beautifully said, April. Thank you!

And now, April shares an excerpt from her novella,

BE MINE (A Candy Hearts Romance)


Christmas is a loud and boisterous affair. I spend it with Mark, Sally, and their family. Jonathan is there too, all in all twelve of us somehow squeeze into their parents house. It’s been years since I’ve last had a Christmas like this one, filled with love and laughter. It makes me feel peaceful which is almost laughable, since trying to find a quiet corner is practically impossible.

Throughout the day, Mark stays close to me. Making sure I’m okay and have anything I need. During the afternoon, he takes me for a walk, where we slip and slide on the ice, more than walk.

Snow coats the surrounding area, thick and beautiful, dressing the trees, buildings, and shrubs in a sparkling blanket. It’s surprising how much beauty is around when you’re happy, yet under different circumstances, the same scene can make you feel isolated and alone.


Want to read more? Me, too! You can find BE MINE at your favorite site, and here’s the link for Amazon

How about some more books by April?


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Be Mine (A Candy Hearts Romance)


Where can you find April?   img_0004








Thanks, April! What a lovely way to lead us into the New Year!

Thanks for stopping by! Happy Reading!


Loving What You Do…

This week on Nitty Gritty Romance, we’re talking about loving what you do…

We keep inspirational posts by our door. Today’s read:

“Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful.” -Albert Schweitzer

We’ve all heard these words of advice, and they make sense. But then I started thinking about the interpretation of these words. How many of us concentrate on WHO we want to be when we do something, and not WHAT we are doing?

For example, recently, I met a woman who told me I was so lucky to be a writercopy-of-happiness-is-the-key-to-success (agreed), and that she would love to be a writer. When I suggested she follow her dream, she elaborated. “I’d love to spend all day wearing sweats, sitting in Starbucks drinking coffee, having in-depth conversations about my characters. I’d love to be that person.” When I asked her about the writing part, she shrugged. So, she didn’t want to be a writer as much as she wanted to lead a writer’s life—or what she imagined a writer’s life is like. (And many writers would agree, it’s not so glamorous!) What that woman was after was a “feeling” of success—something many of us strive for, all the time.

Dale Carnegie

So I started thinking. How many things do we go after in our lives, because we want to “be” the finished product? We like the look/ease/grace of someone else who’s doing it? Companies bank on this. If they show a confident, attractive woman jogging—we’re going to buy the clothes and take up jogging. And we often do. Thing is, we may not even like jogging. We just want that finished product. And to me, that’s not loving what you do, that’s loving what you want to be.

So here’s my challenge to us. Let’s all figure out what we really love to do.


Let’s try something new this week or this month. Something we’ve always wanted to try, and let’s build on it and cultivate it so we can find those things we actually love doing. Maybe it will lead to new career successes. Maybe it won’t. Or maybe, just maybe, it’ll make us happy.

Wishing you a lifetime of discovery and happiness.

Why I don’t believe in New Year Resolutions

I don’t believe in New Year resolutions. Here’s why:

I really believe most of us walk around doing our best. We strive to be good parents, spouses, partners, employees, citizens, and all-around okay humans. And sure, we all make mistakes along the way—but most of the time, we’re really trying.

New Year resolutions, however, are designed to remind us of all those things we messed up on last year. We wouldn’t have to make resolutions if we were where we wanted to be, right?

So let’s change our mindset—the way we make resolutions. Better yet, forget the word resolution—let’s call them goals. Maybe it’s just a matter of syntax, but it works.


“Resolutions” are too scary, too big, too final, and too passive. Instead, let’s look to the smaller wins and victories—want to finish a novel? Carve out time to write. Want to lose weight? Try out a yoga class. Want to fall in love? Get out there and try a new hobby, who knows who you’ll meet. Then celebrate those goals—those little victories you achieve every single day.

And then ring in the next New Year as a more fulfilled, happier you.

Don’t resolve to change yourself—there’s only one of you. Celebrate that. Instead, make time for those little wins that will make you…happy…

Because isn’t that the goal, really?

So next year, when you ring in 2017, crack open that bottle of champagne and celebrate you, all those great little things you’ve accomplished, and how awesome you really are.

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