Holiday Happiness with Rachael Richey…

Today on Nitty Gritty Romance, we are featuring the fabulous Rachael Richey!  Rachael takes a moment during this busy holiday season to tell us what happiness is to her…


From Rachael…

A Frosty Morning Walk

I find there’s nothing better than waking up to a crisp clear winter morning when the sun is shining and the frost is thick on the ground.  We had a morning like that recently, and I took the opportunity to slip out for half an hour with my camera and make the most of it.  Not much makes me happier than long walks in the country on my own.  It’s one of the best ways to come up with new ideas for stories, and on a beautiful still cold morning it was perfect.


We’re very lucky to live opposite a large expanse of Forestry Commission land, and I managed to get some lovely pictures including this one of a frosty fir tree by a small pond, that reminded me just how close to Christmas we were getting.  It was lovely to see the Christmas trees growing in the wild, and my early morning walk really put a spring in my step for the rest of the day.

 Here’s Rachael’s newest release!

The Girl in the Painting


While her husband Gideon is recording a new album with his band NightHawk, Abi Hawk is busy getting her own career as a portrait painter back on track. Following the death of her father, which coincides with the opening night of her first exhibition in London, Abi and her daughter come across an old painting in his attic that sets them on a journey of discovery to Paris. They uncover an astonishing and unexpected love story, one that has repercussions to the present day. Meanwhile Gideon, in America to promote the new album, ignores Abi’s warnings and manages to put himself in a vulnerable situation that threatens to rock the stability of their marriage. Separated from Abi by nearly five thousand miles, and unable to speak to her, will he be able to resolve the situation before any real damage is done?


Ooo, sounds great! Where to find? Here’s a quick link to Amazon, but read on to find out where you can purchase all of Rachael’s books!


About Rachael:

new-profile-pic-2013Rachael Richey lives in Cornwall with her husband and teenage son. She writes Women’s Fiction, and in 2014 signed a four book publishing deal with a publisher in New York. She has been writing since she was a child, starting with stories about her teddy bears and dolls.

She lived in the Hebrides for nearly fourteen years, having originally gone there to work for the summer season. She met and married her husband David whilst there, and had two children, before moving to Cornwall at the end of 2000.

There are currently four titles in The NightHawk Series, Storm Rising (Feb 2015), Rhythm of Deceit (July 2015), Cobwebs in the Dark (Feb 2016) and The Girl in the Painting (July 2016).

 A fifth book, unrelated to the NightHawk Series (but published by the same publisher), is due out in 2017.  This is a romantic comedy called Breaking All The Rules.

 All the books are available as e-books or paperback from most online outlets including Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, All Romance and BookStrand, as well as from the Publisher’s website.


Where to find Rachael!

Amazon author page





The Wild Rose Press (Publisher)



Thanks for stopping by! Happy Reading!


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