Holiday Happiness with K.K. Weil!

Today on Nitty Gritty Romance, we are visiting with the wonderful, K.K. Weil! She’s here to tell us about her happiness during the holidays…

AND about her new release…




From K.K.:

Happiness means different things to me depending on the time of year. Around the holidays, happiness is all about warmth, both emotional and physical. In December, happiness is snuggling in bed, reading Christmas picture books to my children. Even though my daughter is a tween, she loves our tradition and my kids trade off, taking turns to pick which book we’ll read each night. Happiness is holiday carols and egg nog. Happiness is driving around to check out the lights on people’s homes. Happiness is wrapping up in a blanket, reading a fantastic book. It’s watching my children have a ball playing in the snow (from my window, keeping warm, after spending an obligatory few minutes playing with them – for me, happiness is NOT playing in the snow. I’m always freezing.) It’s decorating Christmas cookies and gingerbread houses.

Happiness is Christmas Eve. It’s my children’s favorite night of the year. They love preparing for our company, setting tables and helping me cook appetizers. They wait all day for dozens of people to fill our home, and enjoy every second of the wonderful commotion. Watching them brings me back to my own childhood. Christmas Eve was my favorite night of the year, too.

Happiness in December is simple. It’s flavored coffee, a blazing fire and family. What else could I need?

Well, a new release makes me pretty happy, too. 🙂

Here’s a peek at my novella, Better to Give…

I needed some air. I just attacked a man for no good reason. Sure, one of his kids almost send Nora tumbling into a tree, but I could tell he was overwhelmed and I pounced anyway.

While his kids fought, the guy covered his face with his hands – the international sign for losing parental control. As he removed his hands, though, an awful thing happened. I got a good look at him and heat ran through every crevice of my body. No one should be as handsome as that guy was. Plus, I always had a thing for guys who were in over their heads, and he was definitely drowning with those kids.

I hadn’t reacted that way to a guy in a long time and I didn’t want to. My life was on track. I didn’t need some annoyingly smoky-hot, anti-super-dad screwing up my plans.

It was a problem because he clearly enjoyed the view, too. I knew what guys were thinking when they looked at me, and spoke to me, that way. When I mixed the way he was engrossed in me with my reaction to him, plans got derailed and things like Nora happened. Those smouldery guys don’t stick around once the Noras of the world arrive. So even though they’re still scorching hot, they no longer act like you are.

They disappear.

At least that was my experience. One I didn’t intend to repeat.


Sounds great, right…? Want more? Me, too! 

bettertogive_w10932_300For most people, the holidays are a time of warmth, happiness and celebration. But to Jenna Samuels, they mean only one thing. Mounting debt. A single mother, Jenna struggles to make ends meet and to her, it’s a season of excess and distress.

James Garrison is in over his head, too. His ex-wife said he wasn’t equipped to take care of his twins, and now that he’s got joint custody, he fears she was right. They’re wild, spoiled, and always fighting. When they knock Jenna’s daughter into the “Gifting Tree,”—a part of their town’s charity collection—the parents are immediately attracted to each other. But James has had his fill of cold women and Jenna won’t make the mistake of falling for another man who disappears when life gets too heavy.

As their paths cross, James and Jenna must decide whether first impressions are accurate, or if sometimes, people are not what you assume at all.

Where to purchase BETTER TO GIVE : 


The Wild Rose Press





Happy Reading!


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