In Love With Autumn…

Today on Nitty Gritty Romance we’re talking about a season to love—Autumn…

I’ll admit it. I don’t love summer. Although I love having more time to on-pointspend with my girls, I don’t love the heat, not a huge fan of swimming, don’t love the sand between my toes, mosquitoes, or the seven layers of extra heavy sunblock.

That’s why, when I drove past a farm stand filled with pumpkins, my heart fluttered. I love Autumn, or Fall if you prefer. A season so great they’ve given it two names. 😉

What is it about Autumn that makes so many of us so very happy? Of course the cooler temps and the colors. The crispness in the air. But it’s more than that, the Autumn air seems to be charged with an electricity belonging to no other season—the feeling of possibility.


To me, Autumn is also the most romantic season, a season of bundling up in oversized sweaters, and snuggling outside by a warm fire on a chilly evening.



To welcome in Autumn and September, I want to share a quote I read at my yoga studio.

September 2016:

“Each of my thoughts is like a raindrop. When I think the same ones over and over again, it is as if I am creating this incredible body of water. If my thoughts are negative, I can drown in a sea of my own negativity. If my thoughts are positive, however, I can float on the ocean of Life.”

So as we near the beginning of this wonderful season—I hope each of us can embrace the beauty and possibility of Autumn, as we float on our own oceans of positive thoughts.

Happy Autumn!


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