The Perfect Tank Top

Nitty Gritty Romance

Today on Nitty Gritty Romance, I’m talking about something to LOVE –the perfect, inexpensive, tank top.

Any woman who loves Gritty Romance as much as I do, needs a whole host of tank tops in her tank-top

Whether you’re walking the busy streets of SoHo in your favorite worn jeans and tank top, or dressing for a night out (add accessories and layer), or, if you’re like me and you live in a yoga studio—these are the tank tops for you!

They move with your body, don’t ride up, and take abuse…as in hot yoga and continual washes. The tank tops are long, so you can layer crop tops over them (I often layer two different colors of tank tops), and they can hide your too-low jeans. They’re cotton and spandex—and I have paid way more for tank tops not nearly as good.


Yellow taxi sign at night

Yellow taxi sign at night

Even if you don’t live in NYC, trust me, you need these in your wardrobe.

Malcolm meme

And think about it…how sexy is the love scene where the hero sees the heroine’s shape under her tank top? Makes you think of hot summer nights, snuggling together in busy coffee shops, and sitting shoulder to shoulder in the back seat of a cab…





So, where do you find these ultimate, all purpose, gotta have these for summer, tank tops?

Target! target

I have been buying them at Target for years.  They’re cheap and really, really good. I’m wearing one right now, as I’m blogging.

They come in lots of different colors and prints—but you’ve got to own a few in black.

 And guess what? Right now, they’re on sale, 3 for $24. Normally, $9. So, for less than ten bucks, you can add something to your wardrobe that you’ll use all summer long… I’m adding the link—but trust me, these look way better in person—and on—then they do online.

Click Here for Target Mossimo Tank Tops!


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Thanks for stopping by! Happy Reading!


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