Book Review: The Coupling By Cathrine Goldstein

Thanks so much to Adventures in Bookland for the wonderful review of THE COUPLING!

Adventures In Bookland

The Coupling (The Letting #2)
by Cathrine Goldstein
Release Date: February 15th 2016
In Ronnie Billings’ dystopian world, surviving the Letting and breaking free
of a corrupt government is less of a surprise than falling in love with Phoenix Day, the leader of the PeacefulRevolution … When the government sentences Ronnie to a Coupling under the guise of producing a coveted blood type, Ronnie discovers the one she’s slated to Couple with expects even more. Prepared to make the ultimate sacrifice to save those she loves most, Ronnie devastates Phoenix with her impossible decision. Whisked away from her rebel life to another world ravaged by despair, Ronnie meets her greatest nemesis…her biological father. Steeling her nerves against the dangers of escape, she embarks on the perilous journey back. She is convinced she belongs with Phoenix and his revolution, but will her friends, and especially Phoenix, be ready to accept her when she returns? Because this time, evil is in her blood…
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I really enjoyed reading, The Letting, and was very excited to get a chance to read The Coupling to learn more about Ronnie and…

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