Why I don’t believe in New Year Resolutions

I don’t believe in New Year resolutions. Here’s why:

I really believe most of us walk around doing our best. We strive to be good parents, spouses, partners, employees, citizens, and all-around okay humans. And sure, we all make mistakes along the way—but most of the time, we’re really trying.

New Year resolutions, however, are designed to remind us of all those things we messed up on last year. We wouldn’t have to make resolutions if we were where we wanted to be, right?

So let’s change our mindset—the way we make resolutions. Better yet, forget the word resolution—let’s call them goals. Maybe it’s just a matter of syntax, but it works.


“Resolutions” are too scary, too big, too final, and too passive. Instead, let’s look to the smaller wins and victories—want to finish a novel? Carve out time to write. Want to lose weight? Try out a yoga class. Want to fall in love? Get out there and try a new hobby, who knows who you’ll meet. Then celebrate those goals—those little victories you achieve every single day.

And then ring in the next New Year as a more fulfilled, happier you.

Don’t resolve to change yourself—there’s only one of you. Celebrate that. Instead, make time for those little wins that will make you…happy…

Because isn’t that the goal, really?

So next year, when you ring in 2017, crack open that bottle of champagne and celebrate you, all those great little things you’ve accomplished, and how awesome you really are.


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