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As we wrap up our Christmas posts featuring authors from The Wild Rose Press, I am thrilled to welcome author Rachael Richey!

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by Rachael Richey


I love Christmas, but what I don’t love is when the shops start selling Christmas themed goods even before Halloween. It’s just like when they start advertising ‘Back to School’ items at the beginning of the summer holidays! For me, the build up to Christmas starts at the beginning of December. I reckon that’s quite long enough for the excitement to mount.

My favourite part of the Christmas season is definitely the days leading up to Christmas. My son and I generally go to buy a tree the weekend after he breaks up from school, usually around 12th December, and spend the next day or so decorating the house, and beginning the Christmas cooking.

But my absolutely favourite time of Christmas is Christmas Eve. I like to get up early and really get stuck into the cooking, music on in the background, and preferably with some tinsel in my hair. At some point in the day someone will usually realise there is something we’ve forgotten to buy, so my husband and son will be despatched off to fetch it, usually coming back with an extra load of chocolates. We traditionally have a buffet supper on Christmas Eve, then after our son has gone to bed, put the presents around the tree ready for the morning.

Then later, when everyone is in bed, the stocking filled and hung up, I like to creep back downstairs and sit with just the Christmas lights on. And then on the way back up to bed I still take a look up in the sky – just in case!



For an extra holiday treat, read a bit about Rachael’s book, Storm Rising!

Blurb for Storm Rising Storm Rising - Rachael Richey

Frontman of the grunge rock band NightHawk, Gideon Hawk has had enough of the rock star life. He is jaded, disillusioned, and haunted by the memory of an unresolved heartbreak. On a whim, he leaves the band in New York and heads to England in search of answers.

After attending the funeral of her estranged mother, Abigail Thomson makes a shocking discovery in her parents’ attic. The still-raw memories that surface, along with even more startling discoveries, force Abi to face a devastating truth that leads to a series of life-changing events. She and Gideon must race against time to reclaim the life stolen from them a decade before.

Excerpt from Storm Rising

Abi saw the car as she came along the main road. There were never many tourists around in November, and to see a strange car parked in the lay-by was worthy of a second glance. Probably someone who got lost, she thought to herself as she turned down her track.

She had spent the day with one of her clients in Penzance, sorting out the artwork for their new marketing campaign, and she was very glad to be home. She had lit the fire before she left the house that morning, and the chimney was smoking cheerily as she got out of the car and headed for the front door. As she turned to close it behind her, she once again noticed the strange Range Rover parked on the main road. She paused for a second, then shivered and closed the door. For some reason the sight of it had given her a little chill in her heart. She shook her head in exasperation. What was she turning into? The events of the past week must really be taking their toll.

She tossed her jacket down on the sofa and went into the kitchen to put the kettle on. As anticipated, the little cottage was very warm and cosy, and Abi anticipated a lovely warm relaxing evening. Although she was very fond of her friend and neighbour, she couldn’t help hoping that Chris wouldn’t pop over. She really fancied a night to herself.

She made a cup of tea, cut herself a slice of cake, carried them both over to the fire, and sat down on the hearth rug. A basket of logs stood to one side of the woodburner, and Abi opened the doors and tossed another log onto the already roaring fire. She gave a little shiver of pleasure. She really liked to be warm. She was going to enjoy the evening.

She leant back against the sofa, extended her legs in front of her, and took a large bite of cake. No sooner had she done that than the doorbell rang. Abi rolled her eyes and tried to swallow her cake.

“Come in, Chris, the door’s open!” she called, spraying crumbs in all directions.

After a moment the door slowly opened and a deep voice said, “I’m not Chris. Can I still come in?”

Abi leapt to her feet and swung round to face the door. For the last ten years she had dreamt of the moment when Gideon Hawk would appear on her doorstep, and now it had finally happened she had no idea what to do. For a few long seconds they stared at each other, neither daring to speak. Then Abi took a tentative step forward and nodded her head jerkily.

“Yes. Come in,” she croaked, her mouth suddenly dry, adding automatically, “Mind your head.”

Additional Books by Rachael:


A bit about Rachael:

Rachael Richey lives in Cornwall with her husband and children. She writes Women’s Fiction, and Storm Rising is the first book in the NightHawk Series. She has been writing since she was a child, starting with stories about her teddy bears and dolls.

She lived in the Hebrides for nearly fourteen years, having originally gone there to work for the summer season. She met and married her husband David whilst there, and had two children, before moving to Cornwall at the end of 2000.

There are currently four titles in the NightHawk Series. The second, Rhythm of Deceit was published in July 2015, and the third, Cobwebs in the Dark is due for publication in February 2016. The fourth book in the series, The Girl in the Painting has just been contracted and should be out sometime in 2016.

Stay in touch with Rachael!

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