The Magic of Christmas…

The Magic of Christmas….

Today I am happy to have my turn on our Countdown to Christmas, as I share what the magic of Christmas is to me…

In my new book, The Coupling (Book 2 in The Letting series), release date February 15, 2016, my lead character, Veronica Billings, learns the only real magic in life is love.

This is my husband’s expression, and one I have truly grown to appreciate over our years together. Love is our greatest gift—it makes us capable of doing the impossible when it means helping those we love.

And that, in my opinion, is what makes Christmas magic. It’s the one time of the year we all come together to help those in need, and celebrate being together. The cold night air, the twinkling stars and Christmas lights—the anticipation we feel—represents our hope for peace and love.

But that magic of Christmas is in each of us, all year long. It’s in the mother comforting her crying child…it’s in the person offering a meal to someone who needs one…in that person rescuing a stray cat…and in that husband who rubs his wife’s bald scalp after chemo and says, “Doesn’t she have a beautiful head?”

Yes, the magic of Christmas is in us every day, because the only true magic in life is love.


Here’s wishing you a magical holiday season filled with love.


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