Big on Christmas…

Today, I am thrilled to host author Jan Romes as our Countdown to Christmas continues!

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Read on as Jan shares what Christmas was like when she was a child, and how it differs for Cassie Newman…


I was fortunate to grow up in large family (9 children/ 2 parents). It was chaos every day of the year but the mayhem turned into a special kind of chaos at Christmastime. We always had a live cut tree decorated with colorful lights and shimmery bulbs. My mom used a can of spray snow and decorated the windows. Gifts were wrapped on Christmas Eve and a spread of cookies and candies filled an entire table. It was a joyful time with Christmas music and relatives popping over for a visit.

Not everyone in the country, however, is on board with all the traditional fuss of the holidays.


In my book BIG ON CHRISTMAS, Cassie Newman is tired of the same Big on Christmas - Jan Romesole, same ole and wants a change of scenery. She moves from L.A. to Woodstock, Vermont – a town rich with Christmas tradition. She loves the area but doesn’t get why everyone stresses themselves out and goes overboard for Christmas. As an only child, she was raised by parents who went out of their way NOT to follow tradition on anything. Cassie’s outlook slowly changes when she meets Luke Stennett, her boss and owner of Stennett’s Hardware.





Here are two of my favorite passages that set up the story:

“I’m not a ‘partridge in a pear tree’ kind of girl. I don’t do tinsel. Or twinkle lights. And eggnog makes me barf.” Cassie Newman bit down on her bottom lip when her boss raised a dark, busy eyebrow.


Cassie was stuck on the whole decorating, gift buying, and overall madness that came with Christmas. She understood the religious aspect but not the excessive hoopla. She also didn’t get why everyone thought Christmas wouldn’t be complete without snow. It was white, fluffy stuff that required a shovel or plow and made the roadways slippery. What was the big deal?


Brides of Christmas - Jan Romes



BIG ON CHRISTMAS is part of The Wild Rose Press’s Twelve Brides of Christmas series and can be purchased separately, or it can be purchased as Volume One in the Christmas Brides 4-volume set. (Volume One includes 3 stories by 3 authors: Jan Romes, Barbara Edwards, and Fleeta Cunningham)








(A perfect holiday gift!)

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Merry Christmas to all of you.

May your hearts always be

Big on Christmas!


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Happy Reading!


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