Christmas Stockings…with April Hollingworth

countdown to Christmas

Today it is my pleasure to continue our Countdown to Christmas with author April Hollingworth!

Welcome April…!


Hi all my name is April Hollingworth, and I love the holiday season. In my family we all get Christmas stockings and yes that does include us adults, a tradition that my eldest sister and I started when I was fourteen years old.

You should have seen the surprise on my mum’s face when she found hers at the bottom of her bed. Remembering it still makes me smile.

I love finding gifts for people, that something special you know they’ll like or just reminds me of them. In my short novella, Be Mine (A Candy Hearts Romance), Beth and Mark spend Christmas at his families’ place. Mark’s family is similar to mine in the sense that we all spend it together. As my parents and younger sister have moved to Wales, there will be five of us, my two elder sisters and my two nieces, traveling to Wales to spend it with them.

Tree holiday picTo me being with my loved ones, no matter how far I have to travel to do so, is what the holiday season is about.


In the bustle up to Christmas it’s easy to forget that this particular holiday season, can be for some, one of the most heart-breaking ones, especially if you are alone. So don’t forget as the excitement grips you to smile and wish those around you well, for a simple smile or acknowledgement can make the difference in someone’s life and lets them know, they’re not alone.


Here’s a small extract from Be Mine, showing what the holiday season is like for Mark and Beth:

Christmas is a loud and boisterous affair. I spend it with Mark, Sally, and their family. Jonathan is there too, all in all twelve of us somehow squeeze into their Be Mine - April Hollingworthparents house. It’s been years since I’ve last had a Christmas like this one, filled with love and laughter. It makes me feel peaceful which is almost laughable, since trying to find a quiet corner is practically impossible.

Throughout the day, Mark stays close to me. Making sure I’m okay and have anything I need. During the afternoon, he takes me for a walk, where we slip and slide on the ice, more than walk. Snow coats the surrounding area, thick and beautiful, dressing the trees, buildings, and shrubs in a sparkling blanket. It’s surprising how much beauty is around when you’re happy, yet under different circumstances, the same scene can make you feel isolated and alone.

Now I’d like to wish everyone a wonderful Holiday season and New Year too.

Books by April: ~ Where Everything is Possible ~


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To find out more about April, visit:

naughty or nice


April is participating in our 12 Days of Christmas Holiday Giveaway Contest!


Check back often for details!

Happy Reading!


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