Christmas Spirit — With Iona Morrison

As we continue our Countdown to Christmas, it is my pleasure to welcome Iona Morrison to my blog! Iona Morrison pic

Iona shares a beautiful story about the spirit of the season. I hope you enjoy!

The Spirit of the Season

I love so many things about the holiday season. I enjoy our traditions both old and new, the ornaments, and the decorations. I love the family gatherings with kids and grandkids; the laughter that trickles out around the table in conversation and games that are played late into the night.

There is a magical feeling about this time of year, which goes beyond the turkeys, twinkling lights, gifts, and the smiling faces of children. It seems for a brief span of time the tone and rhetoric around us changes. There is no chastising of the poor for being poor, but we find creative ways to do good for others. We discover our footing in gratitude once again.

          The glitter and snow falling like confetti is no match for the amazing stories of goodwill we hear of during the holidays. Like the story of a Jewish man I met, who played Santa Claus to poor children visiting them at their homes much to their delight. Bringing with him the gifts, they had asked for in their letters to Santa. In such acts of kindness, we can see if only briefly, a glimpse of our better selves. We are able to view what a wonderful place our world could be if we were kind, generous, and loving all year round.

Tree holiday pic      It renews our hope in being human when we see the lights of Christmas and Chanukah and we believe again that there is still some good left in the world. It is in this season more than at any other time that we open ourselves not only to our family but also to the human family letting the love and the joy of the season spill out into good deeds.

From Matt, Jessie, and all the characters of Blue Cove, you are wished a beautiful holiday season in whatever way you celebrate it.


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The Harvest Club - Iona MorrisonJessie Reynolds has no idea when she moves to Blue Cove, that she will be sharing her life with a ghost. A young pastor has been murdered, and Jessie finds herself following the trail of that death into the dark and deadly world of organ trafficking. Jessie is soon introduced to the detective in charge of the case. Matt Parker is a tall, scruffy, ruggedly handsome man who takes an instant dislike to her and the feeling is mutual. He wants her out of his case and she finds herself entangled in it. The tension between them mounts and so does the attraction.



NOT FOR SALE (A Blue Cove Mystery)

A desperate young girl cries out for help as she hides in terror, hoping Not for Sale -- Iona Morrisonagainst hope that someone might hear her. Jessie Reynolds does and finds herself caught up in an equally desperate search for Abigail. She has escaped human traffickers, but has no idea where she is, and Jessie must find her in time. She joins forces with Matt, the chief of police, and they discover that Abigail is only one of several kidnapped children. Faced by a cold trail, they must rely on Jessie’s ability to hear Abigail’s thoughts, backed up by a tracking bloodhound. But the children mean big money and that brings murder and a hit man to Blue Cove to clean up the mess. Matt and Jessie grow closer as they are forced to work side by side but will they find Abigail in time?
And will they, themselves, survive?



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Happy Reading!




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