An Interview with Author PJ Webb

I am thrilled to kick off my author interview series by welcoming PJ Webb, author of: PART ONE – PRINCE OF THE BLOOD – TRANSFORMATION, PART TWO – PRINCE OF THE BLOOD – EVOLUTION, and coming soon, LORA LEE !


Here’s what PJ had to say:

About Me

I lived most of my life in exciting New York City, but that was destined to change in July of 2011 when together with my husband, Scott, and our two cats, I set out on a cruise aboard our boat Somewhere in Time. The reason for that boat ride was a lucrative business that my husband and I lost during the recession in spite of our tremendous effort to save it. With that loss came the inevitable loss of our home and just about everything else we owned, and it was during that time that I started writing. It became a way to keep my mind off of circumstances that were unfolding beyond my control. I would write late at night and into the morning when I couldn’t sleep.

Our original destination had been Florida, where my husband had a business venture waiting. However, our boat had mechanical problems and we ended up in North Carolina . . . Eventually, my husband and I met some wonderful people and decided to stay.

Your first books are part of a vampire series. Why did you choose to write in that genre?

I’ve always loved fantasy. It’s such a wonderful way to escape, and as I mentioned, I needed some type of outlet to protect my sanity. The development of my main character, Sebastian Blood, aka. Sebastian Du Sang, was born out of my desire to create a being who, like myself, had had it all and then through a twist of fate lost everything he held dear, and as I began to write him into being he began to heal me. He was far stronger than I, and that strength of spirit was contagious.

How are you now?

I’m okay because I’ve acquired a profound understanding that nothing ever stays the same. There are just different degrees of change, and it’s not those changes that define us, but what we do with them that matters.

So, tell me a little about the first book in your Prince of the Blood Chronicles.

PRINCE OF THE BLOOD TransformationThe first book is titled Transformation and along with the rest of the series will be a work of historical fiction and a paranormal fantasy crisscrossing centuries. Imagine fortune putting you in all the right places at all the right times. Love, success, even stardom have been given to you and you embrace them with passion, but the path of your destiny has many twists and turns. Imagine your perfect life being stolen by your most jealous and ardent admirer and then suddenly you’re thrust into a dark underworld where you suffer unspeakable horror.

Who is Transformation dedicated to and is there any particular reason?

Transformation as well as every book in the Prince of the Blood Series is dedicated to my Sebastian, my awesome husband, Scott, who in spite of great adversity was able to reinvent himself and go on. He started a new business and we’ve moved off the boat into our new home. I’m still involved in helping him and continue to write.


Your second book in the series has also been released. Tell me something about Evolution. Prince of the Blood Evolution

As Sebastian Blood, my main character lived a life of fame and wealth with the love of his mortal life by his side —an open book to his adoring fans. As Sebastian Du Sang, his life is one of infamy and revulsion—a figure cloaked in mystery and with only one constant—the love of his immortal life. One reality for another as luck would have it. The devastating blow of fate. And, what will he do with this new and horrific beginning? In Evolution he begins to rise above it.


Is there a unique aspect of your writing that readers can identify with?

That we all have to learn to adapt to the changes that occur in our lives and hopefully become stronger and smarter for having gone through them.


You’re an indie writer. Do you have any advice for other indie writers?

I feel the most important thing I can possibly tell them is to make sure they have a perfect job of editing before they put their work out there. You can have the most original story ever, and if it’s not edited well, you will garner many bad reviews.


What is the most frustrating thing you have had to deal with as a writer? Most exciting?

The most frustrating thing I would have to say is not having enough time to write, and the most exciting is to read a good review from someone who escaped into my fantasy world and was entertained.

Do you have anything else scheduled for release soon?

Yes, thank you for asking. My new paranormal fiction series entitled, Cliff House, will be released soon, and the first book is called Lora Lee.

PJ Book Lora Lee


Besides writing and reading, what is your most favorite thing to do?

I love boating. When you’re out on the water anything to do with everyday life just seems to fade away.


What 5 words would you use to describe yourself?

Fiery, compassionate, stubborn, quirky, diligent.


Is there anything you would like to say in closing?

Yes, thank you so much for the interview, Cathrine. I know you’re just beginning to do them, and I wish you all the best.



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Available at AMAZON and has 10 FIVE STAR REVIEWS, as well as a FIVE STAR RATING from READER’S FAVORITE




Coming Soon


Many thanks to author PJ Webb for the fascinating interview! I look forward to reading your books, love your book covers, and wish you continued success!



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