Finding Shade for Our Characters

This past Sunday, we enjoyed gorgeous weather and a fun family bike ride.

Despite the welcomed cooler weather, on the way home it started to get hot, as it is mid-September in NC.

Just a short distance from home, my youngest daughter needed a rest. I suggested we stop for a water break, but she pushed forward—as fast as her little legs could take her—to a patch of shade up ahead. As she kicked back, looking at the trees above her and the bugs below, I began thinking, when are those times when my characters need to “find a patch of shade” as well?

As writers, we are often focused on the Big Picture. As romance writers in particular, there are some givens in our genre. Yes, ultimately, our characters will fall in love, so to create a story there must be tension between our main characters, lots of conflict, and eventual resolution. And sure, we plan out secondary characters and subplots, but what about those softer, but very important, moments? Those moments of taking a break…of finding a patch of shade on a hot day?

Those moments in the shade—those heartbeats between our scenes of uncontrollable passion and hurling bowling balls at one another—can be crucial. We need those moments of sitting quietly under a tree; of driving in a car together; of experiencing a sunset; or sharing an iced tea.

Crafted correctly, these can be the moments of biggest growth, and are often the times the author, and the reader, discover the greatest insights into our characters.


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