Why is Young Adult/New Adult Literature So Popular?


As an author of YA/NA I get asked this question a lot. I was asked at a recent book club—why are so many adult readers hooked on YA/NA? It seems YA/NA has a really large following of adults over thirty, forty, fifty, and beyond. What’s the reason?

I think it all comes down to feelings. The emotions in YA/NA can be so raw—the feelings are so there. Nothing is tempered by adulthood.

Although my recent YA/NA novel, The Letting, takes place in a dystopian world where blood donations are mandatory, even contemporary YA/NA—that which is missing the element of fantasy—is often more freeing and liberating than a “mature” book. YA/NA love may overcome great obstacles, but the characters usually don’t have to worry about paying the electricity bill or grocery shopping. YA/NA novels offer a welcome escape.

Personally, I love YA/NA and the freedom it offers the writer and the reader.

I also love YA/NA heroes and heroines because although they may be heading for certain death or the end of their civilization, they always remember to express their love. Like when Phoenix wrote this note to Ronnie (Veronica) on their favorite beach.

BTW: This “Phoenix loves Ronnie” picture was taken at the actual waterfront where Phoenix and Ronnie fell in love.

Happy Reading!


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